“Best massage therapist I’ve ever worked with. I’m a competitive ballroom dancer and regularly beat my body to a pulp, and Joel is nearly single-handedly keeping me going. Highly, highly recommended!”
— Jody Frease

“Thanks so much for helping me keep this 42-year-old body moving, I really appreciate it. Without a doubt, I’d be a crippled old lady by now without you.”
— Stephanie Lee

“Joel is a very skilled, knowledgeable massage therapist. He has cured the problem I was having with my foot and always knows what to do to soothe an aching muscle. He teaches sports massage and has an excellent understanding of anatomy and of massage techniques. He is also a wonderful, caring person, and I always look forward to seeing him. I can’t recommend him enough!”
— Leah Reider

“I first went to Joel over a year ago for pain in my upper back, shoulders, and neck after a long triathlon and the preceding training. He was patient and thorough in his questions and assessment of the areas, and the massage worked wonders! After a couple of wonderful massages, the pain (that I’d had for at least six months) was gone. Since then, I’ve gone to Joel for muscular injuries (hamstrings, shoulder, etc), while at the same time, pursuing physician and/or physical therapist assistance with the same concerns. Invariably, I’ve felt more confident and gotten better results from Joel’s massages than from the runaround and generic approach I’ve gotten through the healthcare system. Joel is now my first call when something doesn’t feel right! I’ve also come in a few times (injury-free) to treat myself to the pleasure, healing, and care his knowledge of anatomy and skillfull hands provide. The gift he has and gives is so important and restorative – on many levels. Joel is sensitive and attentive about the pressure he applies – always concerned for my comfort while working intently on solving any muscular pain. He’s also a pleasure to talk with, and I always look forward to our sessions.”
— Catherine Fisse

“I have been receiving massage from Joel for over two years. In that time, he has helped me deal with a myriad of physical issues. His expertise and strong hands have gotten me through rehab from breaking my leg, the soreness that accompanied training for a body-building competition, and now the day-to-day aches and pains of being on my feet all day. Whatever my issue may be, he knows how to deal with it, and how to do it in a way that is both relaxing and comforting. He is always consistent and gives friendly and warm service.”
— Daniella Dayoub

“I was in constant, excruciating neck pain when I first went to see Joel. As a result of his extensive knowledge and skill with ART and other massage techniques, he was able to eliminate over 75% of the pain, and reduced some of the constriction of the blood flow in and out of my head. He also increased the range motion of my arms by over 6 inches on both sides. Joel has a warm and comfortable personality that immediately puts you at ease. His table-side manner is excellent and while working on you he educates you in the form of a friendly conversation. He is very attuned with the body and also asks for feedback throughout the process. I have been to many massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors, and can honestly say that Joel is absolutely a top-notch professional in his field. I give Joel my highest recommendation.”
— John B